The following institutions and persons are members of COMMUNIA:

Become a member

If you are interested in the promotion and preservation of the public domain and want to take part to the discussion, please join the Communia association.

  1. You can take part to the public mailing list discussion on by registering at
  2. You can also send an application to become a participative member of the international association, either as an individual or as an institution. Please send to an expression of interest with a few lines describing your activities and how you would like to contribute to the association. The Administration Council will review your application usually within two weeks and apply the following criteria:
  • Membership applications should be sent to
  • Candidates need to write briefly why they would like to join and how they would like to contribute
  • Institutional members need to have a proven track record in supporting the digital Public Domain
  • Individual members need to have signed the Public Domain Manifesto
  • Each new member needs to be sponsored by two existing members
  • New membership applications can be be rejected if more than 10% of the  existing members of the General Assembly members raise objections to  the  Administration Council.

All members shall pay a yearly membership fee amounting to:

  • For individuals: 30 (thirty) Euros;
  • For organisations established in an OECD country (as defined by the  OECD at the moment of the payment of the membership fees): 300  (three-hundred) Euros;
  • For organisations non established in an OECD country (as defined by   the OECD at the moment of the payment of the membership fees): 100  (one-hundred) Euros