After decades of measures that have drastically reduced the public domain, typically by extending the terms of protection, it is time to strongly reaffirm how much our societies and economies rely on a vibrant and ever expanding public domain. The role of the public domain, already crucial in the past, is even more important today, as the Internet and digital technologies enable us to access, use and re-distribute culture with an ease and a power unforeseeable even just a generation ago.

Background of the association

COMMUNIA International Association on the Public Domain is a network of researchers and practitioners from universities, NGOs and SME established in 10 Member States. The mission of COMMUNIA is to foster, strengthen and enrich the Public Domain. To fulfill its mission, COMMUNIA and its members raise awareness in, educate about, advocate for, offer expertise on and research about the Public Domain in the digital age within society and with policy-makers, at the EU level and worldwide. COMMUNIA Association is a WIPO observer since October 2012.

An international association based in Brussels

COMMUNIA is an international association incorporated under Belgian law since 2012. COMMUNIA association is built on the eponymous Thematic Network, funded by the European Commission from 2007 to 2011, which issued the Public Domain Manifesto and gathered over 50 members from academia and civil society researching and promoting the digital public domain in Europe and worldwide.

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